Natasha (caffinefiend) wrote,

What set you free I need you hear by me

Weekends should never end this slowly. It doesn’t feel right o.O

My awesome few days are drawing to a close, and you get to read about it.

Not to further emphasize about just how much of a loser I am, but only one of you commented on my past post. That hurts my lj-ing soul.

Friday - First Ronnie was a dear and took me to go pick up Caitlin from West Palm. She was down from Orlando for the weekend so I took her to the MSI show. Then we get back to my house and dog pile in the back seat where we not only manage to have Hammy do everyone’s makeup I fully change cloths. Four or five people in a back seat and all that, talent. The show was amazing, despite the fact nearly every time a girl tried to get in the pit most people either slowed down or moved away : ( Much fun for my first mosh pit. I’m not even going to try to remember everyone.

After the show we went back to my house for ten minutes then went to Coalition. It was fun, but we left early since we were all falling asleep. I got to work at the door again, woo, I get to ID people twice my age.

Saturday - Philia, Malic, Jester and Kittenn slept over. Most of the day was spent sleeping and lazing about. Hammy showed up at one point and decided it would be fun to search my house. He’s worse than me when it comes to randomly searching stuff, though he did find some neat stuff. Like glitter, which I gave to Kittenn but Malic stole and poured all the fuck over me. I hate glitter.

A short time later, we went to Destination. It was better than I’d expected. Lots of people and not too much went wrong, I didn’t know what to do with myself, I was actually bored for a while. I had no one to yell at. Philia, Jester and Kittenn crashed at my house after twenty friggin minutes of debate on after parties.

Sunday - Philia, Jester and I went to Jexson’s with some of their friends. It’s nice going out with a large group of people I don’t know somehow. It was enjoyable. After that, we all ended up back here and slept. Philia left a few hours ago, and Jester left a few minutes ago.

I’m starting to get scarcely attached to these people. This usually happens right before I do my great disappearing act. Wish me luck in not doing a usual immature Tasha thing and hiding.

In the midnight hour she cried “More, more more”
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