Natasha (caffinefiend) wrote,

Monday was dull, since I couldn’t sleep at all Sunday night because I was sick and every time I’d lie down I’d hack up a lung. Curses. Thus, all Monday was spent sleeping. No one calls me when I’m awake and bored, oh no, they either call when I’m sleeping or when my phone is dying or when I forget my phone some place. Bastards. Seven calls in three hours during the day on a Monday are too much!

Tuesday Kittenn, Hammy, Jester, Philia, Kittenn’s twins and I went promoting on the beach. Unfortunately it was Hollywood beach so promoting turned to poi due to lack of people. After that we all came back to my house, Philia left, and the rest I don’t remember. I mean it’s almost scary I have little bits of out of order recollection of last night. I remember trying to sleep on one couch, and waking up on the other. I don’t remember sleeping, though. I remember Jester getting on top of me, no idea why. Also I remember laughing hysterically at something. This is very frustrating.

Right now Kittenn and Jester are in the other room watching Moulin Rouge.

In other words, this entry had no real substance or point. I just felt like posting my Cthulhu creation in hopes someone on here would think it’s funny.

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