Natasha (caffinefiend) wrote,

someone to hear you prayers

My past week has been interesting in a boring sort of way.

Friday I went to the Rancid concert with Mario. I admit it, I wasn’t in the pit that long : ( I adore Rancid, thus I was a happy camper. After that Mario, Jason, Philia and I went promoting at Riverfront for Satisfaction.

Saturday was Rocky. That’s actually all I remember >.>

Sunday I don’t remember.

Monday either.

Tuesday either.

Wednesday I went to work at BCN for my momma filing. Fun shit. I came home to find this:

Yes, that is a hole in my ceiling.

Thursday was my first day working for AAAble Insurance. More filing, yippy-skippy. Apparently my boss keeps telling Matt (the friend who go me the job) how wonderful I am. Amazingly, I do know my alphabet. I’m not sure why the great ability to put shit in order is impressive but hey. I passed first grade! Yay!

Now here we are, in from work not an hour ago and typing on LJ. I’m having a bad trend for Fridays.

Take second best, put me to the test
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