Natasha (caffinefiend) wrote,


I've been really blue lately, and for once I wish I didn't know why. Lately I feel like all of the people who I thought were my friends have turned their backs on me. I want to call Ozzy, or Jamie, or Amanda, or even Krista but I don't think I should. This sucks, going my whole life not needing to call anyone, never needing to have company when I'm upset and somehow now all I was is someone to tell me I'm right. I want someone to let me cry, agree with me when I say everything sucks, and tell me I'm right.

More than anything, I want someone who was a part of my life when someone who tried to take it from me and just stand by me. For one second, I want someone who was there to act like they remember what happened to me and that they care.

I'm having trouble doing this on my own.

Please comment and make me feel better :)
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