Natasha (caffinefiend) wrote,

Dear LJers,
Are any of you still out there? I've been missing updating lately, so here goes nothing.

Somehow, I find myself living an oxymoron. My life is no where near as busy as it was two years ago, yet I feel like I am constantly moving with little time to breath. I really need to chill and get things organized. Updating my LJ more might help me center the craziness that surrounds me.

In recent news, Mark and I have moved to DC! It's amazing here. Things have been a little hectic, but pretty ok nonetheless. The couple we're living with (Nick and AJ) are pretty snazzy people. I've been working at an outdoor market near downtown DC called Eastern Market selling Bolivian jewelry. Not as lucrative as I had hoped, but it could always be worse. That's my current life in a nutshell :)

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